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Why Purchase Solar Gard Window Film for Your Home?

Your home is one of your biggest assets and it is where you spend a large part of your time! So it should be the most comfortable place for you, your family & your friends.  There are several reasons that you might consider having solar film installed at your residence.  Many of our customers want to reduce the heat inside their homes.  You can reduce heat and decrease your energy costs by as much as 30%.  So if your electric bill is $200 a month, you could possibly reduce it to $140.  Not only a significant cost savings, but also a significant energy savings as well!

Another reason that you might want to have solar film installed would be to protect your family and belongings from damaging ultraviolet rays that enter your home. UV rays can cause skin cancer and will cause carpeting, furniture, draperies, and window treatments to fade and sun rot.  Solar film helps protect against these things.

Glare can be an issue with all the bright sun shiny days that we have and our films will help to cut down on glare inside your home. 

If safety is an issue, we have security films that provide a deterrent barrier against intruders or damaging winds.  If solar film is applied and the glass breaks, the glass shards will be held together offering additional protection.

Lastly, if you look at some of our before and after photos, you can see the enhanced curb appeal and privacy that solar film can add to your home! 

When you call us for a free in home estimate…

We will spend time with you determining your specific needs and desired outcome.  We will show you samples of the various films so that you can make the best decision for your project.  Every home/customer has different needs and desired outcome & we take ample time to make sure that you are getting the best product to meet your needs and fit your budget.

The Shine Shop has been removing window glare, keeping your rooms cool, and protecting your furniture from sun damage since 1984. If you are looking for residential window tinting in Southwest Florida call us today at (239) 280-6832.

Choose From An Array Of Quality Films And Protect Your Family And Belongings From Damaging Ultraviolet Rays

Panorama Hilite
Panorama Sterling Series
Panorama Dual Reflective
Panorama Slate Series
Panorama 8 Mil Hilite

Stainless Steel
Solar Bronze
True Vue
Low Reflectivity
Low Emissivity
Outside Weatherable

Clear Safety Films
Solar Safety Films
 – Stainless Steel
 – Solar Bronze
 – Silver