Architects let our professional window tinting installers make the most of  your home design and receive LEED credits for energy efficiency

The ways that you can obtain LEED points:

  1. Credit for light pollution reduction – Light pollution reduction, also known as “Light Trespass”, is covered by a credit under the “Sustainable Sites” goal.
  2. Glare reduction credit – Under the environmental quality category, a credit can be achieved for “providing for glare control features for all windows where direct penetration would interfere with normal occupant activities”.
  3. Daylighting credits – LEED credits for “Daylighting and Views” are attained by an Environmental Quality standard in the program.
  4. Thermal comfort – Improving and maintaining thermal comfort for one LEED credit is an option under section EQ of the certification program.

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Panorama Hilite
Panorama Sterling Series
Panorama Dual Reflective
Panorama Slate Series
Panorama 8 Mil Hilite

Stainless Steel
Solar Bronze
True Vue
Low Reflectivity
Low Emissivity
Outside Weatherable

Clear Safety Films
Solar Safety Films
 – Stainless Steel
 – Solar Bronze
 – Silver