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Panorama CX Ceramic Solar Film
11-10-2016 0

During the last three plus decades of installing solar film, I have seen dozens of new films that gain popularity whenever a new technology becomes available, the latest being ceramic films. 

Usually Solar Gard leads the industry with innovation and I wondered why they didn't produce a ceramic film along with everyone else.  Now that we have the film, I can see that it was worth the wait.  Solar Gard always does it right!  This film is so good that Solar Gard placed it in their premiere line, Panorama!

With high heat rejection, high visible light transmission, and low reflectance, this film is great for storefronts and homes with million dollar views.  Contact us today to see how Panorama CX Ceramic Film can solve your energy conservation need. 

What Causes Fading?
18-06-2014 0

The number one reason consumers choose window film is to protect their valuable furniture, draperies and flooring from fading. With this in mind you should know a few things.

Most people associate fading with ultraviolet. It is easy to understand why you might assume that a window film product with a 98% or 99% ultraviolet rejection rate could eliminate fading in your home. However, since other factors contribute to fading, more information needs to be presented.

It is very important to understand that ultraviolet contributes only 40% to the fading problem. Visible light contributes 25% and solar energy (heat) contributes another 25%, resulting in a full 50% contribution to the problem. The remaining 10% of what causes fading is directly tied to the quality, or lack of quality, of the dyes used in furnishings, fabrics and carpet. Knowing this makes it easy to see why stopping only the ultraviolet will not eliminate fading.

Did you know?
06-05-2014 0

Solar Gard is the first and only window film manufacturer to measure and report the carbon impact of its products with an Environmental Product Declaration,(EPD) that is verified by an independent third party.

An EPD is globally accepted as the most comprehensive way to validate a products' environmental messages.  If an EPD shows a product to be carbon negative, it means that the carbon saved by using the product is greater than the energy used to make it.

Solar Gard architectural solar control window films have been proven to be carbon negative.  Over their 15 –year useful life, on average they save 100 times more greenhouse gas emissions from entering the atmosphere than is used/or created during their manufacture and disposal.

Speaking of "first and only", The Shine Shop, Inc. is the first and only window film company in the state of Florida authorized to install Solar Gard Ecolux Low E window flm!!

Panorama Solar Films
23-08-2013 0

The key to enjoying beautiful, high-performance windows is Panorama window film.

Professionally installed by only authorized Panorama dealers, all Panorama window films maintain ambient light and the view you love while keeping you cool, comfortable, and well protected.

Panorama Hilite® window films are high-performance films that are virtually undetectable. Hilite films provide exceptional solar control to keep you cool and comfortable, while protecting your family and valuable possessions from the sun’s damaging UV light.

Earning LEED credits using Solar Gard window film
23-08-2013 0

As you pursue LEED certification through the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), you will be exploring many options to meet your goals. Solar Gard window film is a proven energy saving product that can directly help you achieve LEED Credits. Below are six categories within the standard where solar control window film can be applied towards meeting the criteria for earning LEED credits. All buildings, new and existing, applying for LEED certification must meet the EPA ENERGY STAR ® rating of at least 60.

The benefits of Solar Gard Ecolux Low-e Window Film
16-08-2013 1

Eco-Lux Window FilmThis is a wonderful new film that keeps the heat out in summer and in during winter. Another wonderful benefit is that it allows light

Giving Back To The Community
01-03-2013 0

On Aug 29, 2005, Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast of the United States with winds in excess of 170 miles per hour. 1,833 people died. Most of the media focused on the New Orleans area; however the worst property damage occurred in coastal areas such as Mississippi beach front towns with storm surge reaching as far as 12 miles inland. In November, three months after Katrina, a disaster team from First Baptist Church Bonita Springs, FL headed to Biloxi MS to help a small church by the name of East Howard Baptist church rebuild.

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