Panorama CX Ceramic Solar Film

During the last three plus decades of installing solar film, I have seen dozens of new films that gain popularity whenever a new technology becomes available, the latest being ceramic films. 

Usually Solar Gard leads the industry with innovation and I wondered why they didn't produce a ceramic film along with everyone else.  Now that we have the film, I can see that it was worth the wait.  Solar Gard always does it right!  This film is so good that Solar Gard placed it in their premiere line, Panorama!

With high heat rejection, high visible light transmission, and low reflectance, this film is great for storefronts and homes with million dollar views.  Contact us today to see how Panorama CX Ceramic Film can solve your energy conservation need. 

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    Rick had originally installed the film on our building over 20 years ago and it was more than past time to have them replaced.  I called him on Monday and he promptly came over to discuss all the ...

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