Did you know?

Solar Gard is the first and only window film manufacturer to measure and report the carbon impact of its products with an Environmental Product Declaration,(EPD) that is verified by an independent third party.

An EPD is globally accepted as the most comprehensive way to validate a products' environmental messages.  If an EPD shows a product to be carbon negative, it means that the carbon saved by using the product is greater than the energy used to make it.

Solar Gard architectural solar control window films have been proven to be carbon negative.  Over their 15 –year useful life, on average they save 100 times more greenhouse gas emissions from entering the atmosphere than is used/or created during their manufacture and disposal.

Speaking of "first and only", The Shine Shop, Inc. is the first and only window film company in the state of Florida authorized to install Solar Gard Ecolux Low E window flm!!


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