Recently Completed Project in Fort Myers
25-11-2013 Shine Shop

We recently completed a project in Fort Myers for Linda Ebersberger of Interiors by Dezign, who was overseeing the remodeling of the offices of the Accounting Firm of Markham, Norton, Mosteller Wright and Company.  Our part of the project was to remove the old existing window film that had faded and blistered and appeared to have a bluish color.

 Our challenges:

  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Make workspace for team members more comfortable
  • Make windows more esthetically pleasing.


As we began removing the old film we soon found out that the film wasn't blue but the glass was!  Because the exterior color of the building has an earth tone theme we wanted the windows to have a subtle bronze tint.  We chose Solar Gard's Solar Bronze 20 solar film, which rejects 78 percent of the solar energy that enters a building through the glass.  That solves challenges #1 and #2.  Because of the bronze color of the film we chose, the blue color of the windows was muted and made the glass have a more neutral appearance.  Challenge #3 solved!

Some of the other benefits of the film chosen are:  it qualifies for a rebate on FPL commercial accounts and the payback on this project should be approximately just three years.

This project was a real pleasure, as all the team members of Markham, Norton, Mosteller Wright and Company were very cooperative as the project progressed, and having worked with Linda Ebersberger on other projects in the past, I knew that everything would go smoothly


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