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Happy New Year!

The last month of the year was a very busy month for the Shine Shop. We completed several nice projects in December! The North Naples Hospital renovation of the new boardroom was at the top of the list. Surety Construction was in charge of this project, and what terrific job they did! The finished product was beautiful! Our part was to remove the old existing film and install new film, in this case SolarGard's True-Vue 5 was chosen because of its high heat rejection and superior glare reduction! Check out our photo gallery!

Next on the list is the office of Dr. Sullivan. This is another project headed  up by Surety Construction, located near the corner of Pine Ridge Rd. and Airport-Pulling Rd. in Naples. Again, removal of existing film was involved, but the new film used on this project was SolarGard's True-Vue 15. This film allows a little more light into the room, but still rejects 80% of the solar energy!

Recently Completed Project in Fort Myers

We recently completed a project in Fort Myers for Linda Ebersberger of Interiors by Dezign, who was overseeing the remodeling of the offices of the Accounting Firm of Markham, Norton, Mosteller Wright and Company.  Our part of the project was to remove the old existing window film that had faded and blistered and appeared to have a bluish color.


We want to thank you for investing in the finest window film line available for your home. SolarGard, the largest producer of finished film products in the world, not only has the most complete line of films to choose from in the industry, they also have the strongest, most inclusive warranty available!

Below, you find helpful information that will extend the life of your window film, giving you and your family years of safety and comfort in your home!


During the installation process, the installer will remove as much of the water solution as possible, although a small amount will remain. Trapped installation moisture can cause water bubbles and/or a slightly cloudy look. This is normal and should be expected. Do not attempt to pierce a water bubble during the dry-out period. Water bubbles and the cloudiness will gradually dissipate. Attempting to pierce a water bubble in an effort to drain moisture will damage your film. This damage is not covered by the warranty.

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